ZADAN home roasted Specialty coffee


Jacaranda           ¥500



Ina Occidental    ¥500

Peraruta hanny     ¥500


Ache Garuda Super Grade




Yiracheffe Gade b1 


LUNCH MENU     11:00~14:00

Specialty of Ikaruga
Tatsuta Fried Chicken Plate

Did you know ”Tatsuta Fried” is derived from the Tatsuta River?

The name of ”Tatsuta Fried” is inspired by the Tatsuta River flowing in Ikaruga Town.
The Tatsuta River is known for the beautiful colored leaves in Autumn.

When we deep fry meat or fish well marinated in soy sauce, the color of the soy sauce becomes red, and white starch flour appears in places. It reminds us of red colored leaves flowing in the Tatsuta River. This is the origin of the name of ”Tatsuta Fried.”


ZADAN Special Dried Curry  ¥900



We prepare this dried curry from spices.

In order to bring out its natural taste and sweetness, we simmer the vegetables for about a half day.

By including lots of ground beef and pork, it gains a richer flavor.
Gain Energy from the Miraculous Power of Spices!